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Surplus Materials 
                                  Save your money and time !   We have inventories !

Cablematic JST 750 Jacket Stripping Tools

Digicon Compression Tools

Thomas and Betts C-Taps

     54720TP (54720), 54725TP (54725), 57430TP (57430)

     54740TP (54740), 54745TP(54745), 54750TP (54750)

Stainless Steel Pole Line Hardware

     Double Arming Bolts : 5/8 x 14 in. /  5/8 x 18 in.
     Machine Bolt  : 5/8 x 03 in. /  5/8 x 10 in. / 5/8 x 12 in.
     Machine Bolt 5/8 x 14 in. / Machine Bolt 5/8 x 16 in. / 5/8 x 18 in.
     Two Bolt Crossover Clamp
     Three Bolt Suspension Clamp
     Corner Suspension Clamp
     Curved Washer 5/8 in.
     Square Washer 5/8 in.
     Square Nut 5/8 in.
     Thimble Eye Nut 5/8 in.
     Guy Hook

Raychen Heat Shrinks TC-15
Fiber Jumpers
Fiber Pigtails

1 1/4"  JMS Fiber Optic Simplex Duct Plugs

Grounding & Bonding AMP C loks

Anaconda Metal hose 39412, etc.

Belden RG-59/U TYPE75 Silver center conductors

Carlon E986F Type LB Conduit Bodies

Parallel Copper Tap Kits

Lemco Dual Action Torque Wrench/ TQT-5/16-25

 Servit KS17 



Raychen Heat Shrink.JPG
Thomas Betts C Tap
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Since 1996 Preferred Technologies has been selling huge volume of Cable Lashers.

We also sells surplus materials such as Pole Line Stainless Hardware, Thomas & Betts C-Taps, Channel Commercial Pedestal

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